Hot Issue: Now Approved With Stearns Lending


We have just been approved with Stearns Lending as one of their preferred credit partners. Now our customers can re-issue our credit reports to Stearns Lending without the need for them to order a new credit report on the borrower. This will save our customers money, and preserve the borrower's credit scores. Clear Choice Credit is constantly looking to partner with new lenders to give our mortgage customers the largest selection of lenders to submit their loans to.


Hot Product: SSA-89 and TRVs


Clear Choice Credit now offers SSA89, which is a direct connection to the Social Security Administration's Office to verify a consumer's social security number. This product can be ordered on-line instantly. Many lenders are now requiring this. Contact us for more information.


Looking for a quick and easy way to verify your borrower’s income? With our Tax Return Verification service, you can order the last 4 years of your client’s tax returns in two days. Most lenders are now accepting and using our TRVs. This can be ordered directly from our web site with a few clicks. Just enter your client’s information, print out the pre-populated 4506T form, have your client sign it, and upload the request back into our system. Your request will be transmitted to the IRS for processing, and be sent back to your computer in a pdf report all within two days.


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